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Commercial DNA testing can be an important tool to assist Holocaust survivors in their genealogical research, whether by helping to fill in the blanks on a family tree or by identifying unknown living relatives. Ancestry, the largest DNA database of all the commercial DNA companies with over 18 million profiles, has partnered with the Center for Jewish History to provide free DNA kits to Holocaust survivors or their children. We thank Ancestry for this generous donation, which has already helped to uncover lost connections and to raise awareness of the potential of DNA testing for this population.

If you are located outside the US, UK, or Canada, please check to see if your country is on the list of countries where Ancestry DNA kits are available.

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We define “survivor” as anyone who experienced Nazi persecution or had to flee from it. Please note, these Ancestry DNA kits are earmarked for Holocaust survivors or the children of Holocaust survivors. (If there is a living survivor available to test, there is no need to test their children.) This offer does not include grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces or nephews, or those who are unsure if they have a relative who died in the Holocaust, or those who are curious about potential Jewish ancestry.

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