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In the late spring of 2020, while we were locked down due to the pandemic and without access to the collections at CJH, we reached out to scholars and asked them about the treasure troves they found in our archives that transformed their research. The stories they shared weave fascinating, diverse tales of discovery across centuries and languages -- reminding us of the importance of primary sources in scholarship, and the power of studying the past.

Enjoy the Eureka! series and get inspired!

Brian Ogren (Rice University)
Sandra Fox (Stanford University)
Derek Penslar (Harvard University)
Natalia Aleksiun (Tuoro College)
Shaul Magid (Dartmouth College)
Adam Teller (Brown University)
Adam Shear (University of Pittsburgh)
Elissa Bemporad (Queens College)
Glenn Dynner (Sarah Lawrence College)
Miriam Schulz (Columbia University)
Jessica Cooperman (Muhlenberg College)
Anita Norich (University of Michigan)
Naomi Seidman (University of Toronto)
Ari Cohen (University of Virginia)


Professor Jonathan Sarna (Brandeis University)
Professor Ruth Wisse (Harvard University)
Professor Todd Gitlin (Columbia University)
Professor Jan Gross (Princeton University)
Professor Deborah Lipstadt (Emory University)