Rewind: Voices of the Past Advising the Future

In 1981, Nicki Newman Tanner and her team set out to collect the stories of the men and women who had shaped the United Jewish Appeal (UJA), the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies (Federation), and the merger of the two organizations. She quickly realized that those she interviewed had great insight on major changes of the time—women assuming leadership roles, increased Eastern European Jewish and German Jewish collaboration, as well as the city’s general social problems. Within twenty years, Tanner and her team had logged thousands of interview hours, produced hundreds of thousands of pages of transcripts, and left a legacy of more than 250 in-depth interviews.

Follow quotations from the interviews in the exhibit and listen to accompanying audio clips on this Instagram page.

The transcripts and audio recordings can be accessed in full here. The finding aid for the collection can be found here.


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On Display

The 1938 Projekt: Posts from the Past presented by the Leo Baeck Institute
When The Golden Door Closed, They Carried The Torch presented by American Jewish Historical Society and Center for Jewish History
Rise of the Yiddish Machines: The Typewriter and Yiddish Literature presented by the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research
Kindertransport: Rescuing Children on the Brink of War presented by Leo Baeck Institute and Yeshiva University Museum
All in the Family – Photographs from Across the Jewish World presented by American Jewish Historical Society, American Sephardi Federation, Leo Baeck Institute, Yeshiva University Museum and YIVO Institute for Jewish Research
Hey, Wow! The Art of Oded Halahmy presented by the Yeshiva University Museum
The Door Slams Shut: Jews and Immigration in the Face of American Reaction presented by the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research